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Heavy service, quality       The most cost-effective automation equipment manufacturerMost cost-effective

Technological innovation
Specializing in R&D and design of software development and automation equipment;
Years of industry experience, focusing on PCBA splitter solutions;
The equipment is widely used and has many styles, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
Excellent quality, safe and reliable
In 1991, AUTOLINK Technology in Malaysia,
Specializing in the development, design and manufacture of PCBA splitter (BVR series)
It is the only company independently developed by hardware and software (control system, drive system) in the PCBA splitter market.
More cost-effective, saving you money
Company products are sold to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United States, Mexico, etc.
Applied to automotive electronics, medical electronics, aerospace communications, etc.
Create value for customers with professional craftsmanship and design concepts
Perfect service, let you worry about peace of mind
Professional design, production, installation team, full tracking service
Scientific and reasonable project research, professional technical support and services
Rigorous contract spirit, quality and quantity on time delivery
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